Tuesday, April 8, 2008

International Cat Hat: France, Le Mieux

The Tilden Park Scarf is an easy ruffled and ruched infinity scarf that adds a feminine touch to any outfit.

Ooo la la! Your cat will be très sophistiqué sporting this chic beret. The swirling decrease and tiny nubbin atop this hat sets this cat beret apart from the rest.

Don’t be surprised when your cat dons the beret and demands a cigarette and coffee for breakfast.
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Le Mieux is already available as a free Ravelry pattern, but I will reprint it here for those of you who are still on the waiting list.

• 60 yards of DK yarn. I used Tahki Cotton Classic because the resulting fabric is floppy.
• 2 US size 7 circular needles, any length, OR size needed to achieve gauge. US size 7 DPNs may also be used instead of 2 circular needles
• 4 stitch markers
• Row counter
• Tapestry needle

• 6.5 stitches = 1 inch on US size 7 needles in stockinette stitch

Finished Measurements
Finished hat circumference is roughly 12 inches. To adjust the hat’s circumference, increase or decrease the cast on number of stitches by 6. For every additional 6 stitches added to the cast on, add 1 to the number of stitches to add between markers in round 6.

[ ] repeat instructions between brackets
co cast on
k knit
k2tog knit two stitches together
ktbl knit through the back loop
M1L make one left
M1R make one right
p purl
pm place marker
rnd round(s)
ssk slip one stitch knitwise, slip next stitch knitwise, then knit stitches together
sts stitch(es)

CO 60 sts onto one US size 7 circular needle (needle A). Slip 30 sts onto the other US size 7 circular needle (needle B). Join to knit in the round.

Rnd 1-5: [ktbl, p1] until the end of round
Rnd 6: On needle A, k10, pm, k10, pm, k10
Repeat for needle B.
Rnd 7: On needle A, k1, M1L, k until 1 sts before marker, M1R, k1, slip marker, k1, M1L, k until 1 sts before marker, M1R, k1, slip marker, k1, M1L, k until 1 sts before end of needle, M1R, k1.
Repeat for needle B.
Rnd 8: k all sts
Rnd 9-18: Repeat Rnd 7 and 8. 132 sts total.
Rnd 19: k all sts
Rnd 20: On needle A, ssk, k until next marker, slip marker, ssk, knit until next marker, slip marker, ssk, k to the end of needle.
Repeat for needle B.
Rnd 21-40: Repeat Rnd 20 until 6 sts remain.
Rnd 41-43: k all sts. Repeat this round 2 more times.
Rnd 44: k2tog 3 times. 3 sts remain. Cut yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail.

Using the tapestry needle, thread yarn tail through the 3 remaining sts. Pull closed. Weave in ends.

If you make this, I'd love to hear from you. Have fun humiliating your cat!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
ETA: This pattern can be found in .pdf form on Ravelry here.
6/21/01: Corrected errors in rnd 7 and stitch count rnd 9-18. Corrections are in red.


  1. Heehee! I don't own a cat but my grandmother does and knowing her, I'd walk away severely maimed if I ever tried putting a hat on her. Shame. Not all is lost, however: this hat is a perfect size for newborns! These little fellas can grow up to be consciously humiliated by their bereted baby pictures.

    Thanks for the pattern! Your cat is gorgeous!

  2. i'm in the middle of developing a tuxedo sweater for one of my cats and would dearly love it if a top hat could be addend to the ensemble!

  3. o.m.g.
    greaseball looks FABULOUS!!!
    and also, very um... harumphed?
    :o) that beret is just too cute!!!
    and personally I lurve both versions of your Thai Headress hat!!!
    and the comparison of Mingus vs. Greaseball wearing the hat gives great perspective!!!
    oh geez and don't get me started on the kitty pictures...
    :o) ek.
    p.s. congrats on your first 2 pattern publications! NICE!!!

  4. I love the pictures. They really stand out. I am in awe of your entire blog. Amazing!

  5. A sweet hat, pour le chat! Oh la la, c'est fantastique mon ami! :)


    :)milka le chocolat

  6. Oui, oui, Monsieur Greaseball est très chic et très sophistiqué!

  7. I love this! Thank you so much for the pattern! I'm in the middle of knitting one up for my cats now. They're dreading it already, and I can hardly wait! C'est super cool!

  8. you rock - there are not enough cat patterns out there. lol thanks!

  9. I'm currently making the cat beret - love it! I've found a couple of small errors in the pattern (I think). On rnd 7, a "k1" is missing between a "M1R" and "slip marker". Also, if you repeat rnd 7 and 8 through 9-18, you would have 132 sts - since you increase 12 sts on each increase round, and the increase rounds are rnds 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 = 6 * 12 sts = 72. So I think it should say Rnd 9-16. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  10. Thanks, spriritofusa! I modified the pattern to correct the errors.

  11. OMG Your cat is fameuse!


  12. I would love this cap for me! does anyone know of a bigger pattern:)?

  13. This is too cute! I wish I could knit... One day I'll learn -- just to make this! :)

  14. Oh my! I found your site while surfing, and I laughed until I nearly cried, looking at the cat hats. I have had cats in the past, and I know that they LOVED wearing clothes. (NOT) Love all the photos of your cats!

  15. I would credit your website, of course. Thank you.



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