Tuesday, June 10, 2008

International Cat Hat: Turkey

The Tilden Park Scarf is an easy ruffled and ruched infinity scarf that adds a feminine touch to any outfit.

What cat doesn't need a fez?

Well, perhaps Fifty doesn't need a fez...

This hat is knitted from the top down. Admittedly, it is tricky to start this hat because 1 stitch is knitted back into itself to create 8 stitches, so remember to cast on that first slip knot loosely.

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• 80 yards of worsted weight feltable (non superwash) wool for the hat. I used Cascade 220.
• 1 yard of DK or worsted weight black yarn for the tassel. I used Tahki Cotton Classic because it is in my stash.
• 2 US size 10.5 circular needles, any length, OR size needed to achieve gauge. US size 10.5 DPNs may also be used instead of 2 circular needles
• 6 stitch markers
• Pint glass (yes, really!)
Row counter
• Tapestry needle

Special Skills Needed
• Knitting in the round
• Making a tassel
• Felting

• 4 stitches = 1 inch on US size 10.5 needles in stockinette stitch

Finished Measurements
Finished hat circumference is up to you! Felt it until it fits your cat's head.

[ ] repeat instructions between brackets
bo bind off
co cast on
k knit
kfb knit through the front loop without dropping the stitch from the needle, and then knit through the back loop and drop the stitch
M1 make one stitch
p purl
pm place marker
rm remove marker
rnd round(s)
sts stitch(es)

Loosely CO 1 sts onto one US size 10.5 circular needle (needle A).
kfb 4 times (8 sts)**. Slip 4 sts purlwise onto the other circular needle (needle B).
Join to knit in the round.

Alternatively, loosely CO 4 sts onto one needle and kfb 4 times. This will result in a bigger hole up at the top after felting.

rnd 1:On needle A, [kfb, pm] 3 times, kfb. Repeat for needle B (16 sts).
rnd 2: On needle A, [k until 1 sts before marker, kfb, slip marker] 3 times. k until 1 sts before end of needle, kfb. Repeat for needle B.

rnd 3-5: Repeat rnd 2 3 more times (48 sts).
rnd 6: On needle A, k6, rm, k6, pass marker, k6, rm, k6. Repeat for needle B.
rnd 7-13: k all sts.
rnd 14: On needle A, k1, m1, k until 1 sts before marker, m1, k1, slip marker, k1, m1, k until 1 sts before end of needle, m1, k1. Repeat for needle B (56 sts).
rnd 15-21: k all sts.
rnd 22-29: Repeat rnd 14-21 (64 sts).
rnd 30: Loosely BO all sts and cut yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail.

Weave in all ends. Felt hat using your preferred method until it shrinks enough to fit your cat's head. I highly suggest that you jot down your cat's head diameter ahead of time and that you don't try the wet fez on your cat. If you do, I am not responsible for your cat's actions. To dry the hat, I found that an upside down pint glass was the perfect shape fez shape. If your cat hat deviates enough from the pint glass that it won't work to hold its shape, cut out cardboard to line the bottom and sides, then stuff the hat cavity with plastic bags.

Once the hat is dry, make a tassel and weave it into the center of the hat.

If you make this, as always, I'd love to hear from you and see your fezzed up cat!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


  1. Fifty-fifty looks verrry exotic in the fez...could be "The Cat From Marrakesh"! (or wherever fezes are from.) Could be a great mystery movie! Your cats are so patient and calm whenever they are faced with a new modeling gig.

  2. That's awesome! You totally have to send one to KR - what great modeling opportunities for Mr KR and his kitties!
    I love it, great work.

  3. So you are saying this is not a pint glass cosy? Too bad :) You are wildly creative!

  4. That is just too cute! I love it! I also love your cat too. He looks so proud to be wearing that hat. I used to have a yellow cat like that - his name was Ricky as in Rikki Tikki Tavi, the mongoose. He was my favorite cat ever.

  5. Yes! It is so awesome to see my vision come to life. MUHAHAHAHAH!

  6. LOVE. IT.

    I might have to put this one in my queue as well!

  7. I want a cat so I can make a fez for it. You sir/madam ( sorry, I don't know which you are ) are a genius.

  8. I just saw the post on smofo and had to come read more about this.

    I love it so much I may actually have to try knitting again!

  9. This is so great! I knew when I saw the new hat that it would turn my crappy day around. Thanks, I'm going to make one for my Obi.

  10. Is this a reference to Chicken, the fez-donning cat in Hothead Paisan? Are cats wearing fezzes a more common thing than I am aware?

  11. It has to be a reference to Hothead Paisan ... remember she called Chicken "Turkey" as a nickname? Love it!

  12. I never knew about Chicken! What a funny coincidence. I love Chicken!

  13. Thank you so much for this pattern. I love Fez's. I may even have to embellish this so it looks like a shriner fez!

    beth (big geek)

  14. I have a tattoo of Chicken the Cat from Hothead Paisan. He is, of course, wearing the fez.

    I love this; it's going on my Ravelry queue together with the cat beret.

  15. This is FABULOUS, (and I'm not talking about Orbit gum)! What a wonderfully, well done hat! It looks great and so authentic that I want grab a bottle of raki and pull up a chair because the dance is about to start. I love it! And being your international friend from Istanbul, Turkey... I am quite, quite impressed. ;)

  16. FINALLY - Shriner cats all over the country will rejoice! Now they can be in the parade, too! I know my Maxwell will absolutely insist that I make one for him ASAP. Thanks!

  17. I don't know how to knit, but I've been looking for a fez for my cat for some time. Anybody know where I can buy one?

  18. To the owner of this blog:

    You win teh internet.

  19. I would love to make this hat for my BIG FAT CAT Puss Puss (or for skittery Lily, she needs humiliation) but I don't have circular needles...anyway I have read some other posts here that I love...I may have to read teh whole blog. do you have any funny cat things on regular needles?


  20. Hi Clare, you can convert this pattern to double pointed needles. (I think this is what you mean by normal needles.) After increasing to 8 stitches at the beginning of the pattern, using two DPNs, divide the stitches onto 4 DPNs so you have 2 stitches per DPN. From there, you can follow the pattern as written, remembering that 2 DPNs have the same amount of stitches as 1 circular needle. I hope this helps! And thanks for all the kind comments. :)

  21. The Doctor approves of your cat :)

  22. I don't have a cat, but I'm going to cast one of these on anyway. I have stuffed animals and other people's children to torment instead!

  23. Has anyone made this fez for a baby? Would it work?



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