Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome, Sesame!

Sesame is officially our dog! She is a work in progress (aren't we all?), but in the 3 weeks she's been at our house, she has learned the basic commands, how to be nice to our cats, how to ride in a car, and house manners.

Of course, I also taught her how to shake because every dog should know that! Little smarty pants got the idea in 5 minutes, and now she's a shaking fool. Anytime my hand approaches her, she daintily offers up her paw. 

Sesame came from Grateful Dog Rescue in San Francisco. I don't get on my soapbox often, but let me reiterate that there are plenty of great pets in shelters and rescue organization that are waiting for a home. Please consider them first when you have room in your family to add a new member.

She has claimed the purple recliner as her own, and I am hoping that she'll pull a Mingus so we can kick that nasty chair to the curb.

Although I tried to convince myself that we were a 1-dog family, the speed at which this all happened proves that we had a black hole the size of a GSD lurking in the background. Once again my life is full of obedience classes, my hands smell like dog treats, and my heart is full.


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