Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hella Vegan Meats

Chickwheat lemongrass chicken
When I'm into something, I'm really into something. So what is it now? Making mock meats from scratch. It turns out, although I don't know why I'm surprised, that I can make delicious mock meats as good as Field Roast at home. 

Chickwheat stir-fried with mustard greens
It all started with this chickwheat recipe from Avocados and Ales. The next logical step was to substitute different beans for the chickpeas to make fake beef and lamb.

Freshly shredded fake meats
The method is simple: blend up your mostly umami-filled ingredients with some liquid. This may include mushroom powder, miso paste, Marmite, soy sauce, and either tofu or beans. Then, knead the blended ingredients with vital wheat gluten and perhaps some chickpea flour or potatoes. Steam your loaf, and then shred it once it cools down. What your left with is homemade chicken/beef/meat substitute that is perfect for stir-fries! I've been making double batches of this and freezing it because I know that my obsession will come to an end and future me will be happy that I have a quick protein to cook.

Unribs using the recipe in The Vegan Pantry
No more Field Roast or sketchy mock meats from abroad! The boy, my eternal guinea pig, has given everything a thumbs up so far. The favorites are lemongrass chickwheat, and the Now and Zen burger and unribs from The Vegan Pantry. I tried a vegan corned beef recipe from Connie's RAWsome Kitchen, but I think I overcooked it and the allspice was overpowering. I'll try it again since I like the idea of using a raw beat in the wheat meat.

Have you experimented with mock meats and cheeses? I'd love to try some new recipes, so please lemme know in the comments!


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