Friday, June 20, 2008

Greaseball's Statement to the Press

GB: Recently, it has come to my attention that certain pictures are circulating depicting me as Lady Liberty. I am not a girl. Repeat. I am not a girl. I am a stud.

Fifty: You are a neutered stud. I think that means that you're not a stud.

GB: Regardless, I am not a girl. Repeat, I am -

Fifty: A dork. Repeat. Greaseball is a dork.

The cats have experienced small brushes with fame, and it is getting to their heads. They demand that I spoon feed them wet food. They demand that an attendant be hired for their litter box. It's all because of this and this, two recent posts in CRAFT Magazine's blog.

Also, Norah Gaughan, my all time favorite designer, left a comment on one of my Ravelry cat hat patterns stating that Greaseball is cute. My friends think that I should make Greaseball a shirt that reads: "Norah Gaughan thinks I'm pretty cute." I would do it, too, if Greasy liked to wear t-shirts. Maybe he needs a baseball cap instead?


  1. Perhaps GB should meet Prince of Poopness. They could try to act cool together.

  2. How about you wear a shirt that says, "My cat says that Norah Gaughan, my all time favorite designer, said that he is cute" and you wear the shirt.

    loraine who found your cat and you at Ravelry

  3. Tell GB that my darlin' Emma cat thinks he's studly. I don't think she's seen him in the "hat" pictures, though. :)



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