Monday, June 9, 2008

Canine Dohorkus

I believe this is the correct scientific name for him. I was trying to get him out of the picture, and then gave up. He's a ham. A huge, furry ham. (The image of a huge, furry ham waltzing to the Christmas table just gave me chills.)

The boy is also a dork. Who propagates 15 (yes, 15!) carnivorous plants? The assignment last weekend was to grow a respectable garden that would get us one hair-width closer to having our own summer bounty. He planted other things, but he spent a good chunk of time tending to these, his "babies." Personally, I think Mingus was jealous.

In addition to the 15 carnivorous plants, we started some chard, lettuce, eggplants, tomatoes, and beans. I have high hopes and grand plans for the chard, lettuce, and tomatoes. I haven't seen any green inklings of hope for the eggplants and beans. Those seeds could have been bad - after all, they have moved with us a few times, or perhaps it is not hot enough here for them. Either way, they were planted way too late in the season. I call it "guerrilla gardening."

These plants are all growing in weird places, too. The chard patch is coming up in the front yard. Why? Well, those of us who have dogs know that vitamin P isn't good for the diet.

Vespa's too noble to be a dork.

Another International Cat Hat is on its way. I just have to figure out how I want to distribute the pattern. It's hot here, so I suspect that the easiest way possible is going to win.


  1. Maybe you could plant those carnivores in strategc places so they can grab the potato bugs nd caterpillars before they devour the tomatoes and chard. Mingus is such a COOL dork, though, isn't he? Celeste laughed when she saw his picture this time...and then fell off my lap backwards and turned into a dork herself.

  2. Ah - Vitamin P. My backyard cilantro was safe till guest dogs started peeing on it. Now it is in a huge planter. Front yard is baaad - too many offleash dogs, deer and armadillos. I have my tomato plant caged so securely that it is a pain getting my matoes out of it. LOL!



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