Friday, February 8, 2008

Ready for a picnic?

Because of my upcoming vacation, the dogs are enjoying a vacation of their own at LeannIAm's house. Of course, the minute I leave the dogs, they decide to act like savages. Really, I did teach them basic obedience!

Check out her blog! I'm sure she'll have tons of embarrassing photos of Vespa and Mingus for your enjoyment.


  1. I bet they're acting up just to make you feel needed!

    Bon voyage! Have a great vacation!

  2. Because you have one of those blogs that make me giggle and inspire me every time I visit, I've given you a "MWAH" award! Thanks for such a great blog!

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you to come over to my blog to collect your "MWAH"!

  4. Okay...I finally have a few pictures of what Mingus and Vespa have been up to....

  5. Have fun! What a heathen... lying on the table : )

    Your Mingus-hair yarn is quite pretty!



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