Monday, November 9, 2009

A Hiss and a Purr


Whole wheat tortillas? FAIL! I milled the flour too course because attempts at a fine, pastry flour resulted in a blown electrical circuit. Next time, I need to supplement the whole wheat flour with some high gluten flour.

It's a shame that these were so thick and dry, because I had freshly rendered lard that went into them. The lard came from the fat scraps from hunk of pork butt cut into chunks for chile verde, because when I put the chile verde in the oven to stew, I threw a cast iron skillet full of the fat scraps in there as well so the fat was rendering alongside the meat stewing.


Greaseball is allowed on the couch, but not Mingus. The only reason he got away with it was because these two were being so stinking cute. It's a rare moment when the two brothers snuggle up together.


  1. That picture is so cute it should be illegal.

    I love it when Kishka sleeps on her back, but it doesn't happen very often.

  2. don't fall for it. Mingus is only putting up with the snuggling to be on the couch. I'm onto him!

  3. That is darling. Yup. I would have left him there, too. I may have joined in actually.

    Good luck with the cooking experiment!

  4. What, your milled your own flour? And people call me Martha. You put me to shame!
    Thank heavens for the furry ones. They are certainly getting me through this crazy time.
    So, email me, where exactly are you? How crazy would it be if we ended up living so close after finding you from such a great distance. Plus, you can tell me where to find all of the newest greatest yarn! I've been on a Lana Grossa diet ever since moving here.

  5. Awwww...I can't IMAGINE Aly and Snickers ever cuddling up like that!

    Just chalk up those tortillas as a learning experience. The next ones will be better, right?

  6. mingus and greaseball make my heart melt in that picture!!!



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