Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ripple Effect

I am very inspired by a friend's ripple afghan. Until I saw her's, I associated the ripple stitch with orange and brown. And tassels. The seed was planted.

When prodded, the boy confessed that he has little to no intention of making himself another sweater. "Too many other hobbies," he said. That left me with 9 balls of green Wool-Ease, which is a little too squeaky for a garment, at least any garment I'd knit for myself. However, crochet and Wool-Ease go together like chocolate and salt*, so I picked up 6 more balls of Wool-Ease in different colors, and I am rippling. Hear me roar!

So far, this is measures about 50 inches across, unblocked. At the end of this, the afghan will live on our blah leather chair from Ikea that needs an infusion of style and color.

I finished another Boteh a month or two ago, this time out of Madeline Tosh Sock. Ooooo, this yarn is drool worthy - I now understand all the buzz about Madeline Tosh. Once this afghan is complete, I'll treat myself to some Madeline Tosh DK and knit a Tea Leaves Cardigan. But for now, the afghan is an interlude between cardigans since I just finished (and need to photograph) Radiate. I knit a Coachella a couple of months ago, too, but I haven't been motivated to photograph myself.

*For those peeps living in the Berkeley area, here's the skinny on where to buy salted chocolate. Berkeley Bowl West has the Sea Salt Lindt bars for under $3, and Monterey Market has Vosge's Barcelona bar (sea salt and smoked almonds) for $6 and Scharffen Berger Almond and Sea Salt bar for around $3.50. The Lindt is my favorite since the salt crystals are bigger and add a nice crunch.


  1. Mmmm, chocolate and salt!

    I have a ripple afghan in shades of brown/tan/cream. I made it for DH when we were dating...30 years ago! Egads.

  2. I had a brown/orange/yellow one when I grew up. Hey it was the 70s. I'm just psyched that my today-ripple-afghan is cooler.



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