Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vespa Vesper

Originally, I named this project after Vespa because it was going to be black and tan, but no tan was to be found when I was in search for my contrasting color of Hempathy. Vespa is not black and green, but since I love this top like I love my dog, I kept the name.

The hints of fall weather, instead of making me yearn for a cup of cocoa and sweater knitting, is making me sad. This summer in the Bay Area, we haven't had much of a summer! My cherry tomatoes are just ripening, and now that I'm finally tasting summer, it's over. Boo. So, I'm not especially bloggy right now. You can find more project notes about this project and my modifications on my Ravelry project page.


  1. I think this turned out very cute!

  2. If I could, I'd send you some of mine. I feel your pain. Last summer was our year of fried green tomatoes. Sniff.

    I do think there are some green tomato relished to be pickled. . .

    off to check on your rav link.



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