Monday, March 14, 2011

Muffin Liner Tragedy

I'm in mourning over the death of one silicone cupcake liner. Apparently, the yam corn muffins I made pushed Mingus to do this. Having only 11 cupcake liners has quelled my desire to make more quick breads, and the boy finds this very sad. I've looked around for a way to purchase just one liner, but apparently I am the only person who has a dog that murders cupcake liners. Either that, or other people who find that they are short 1 or 2 liners just get on with it and order another 6 or 12. Sad, sad, sad. So, here's my plea: if you have one silicone muffin liner to spare either because you hate them or your dog destroyed 11 of them, let's chat. I can swap you a ninja nugget tawashi and a free copy of my Tilden Park Scarf. (BTW, you no longer need a Paypal account to buy the pattern - I can now accept credit cards!)

This is the muffin that pushed Mingus over the edge.

This muffin was made from 3 eggs, buttermilk, corn oil, mashed yams, and some coarsely ground cornmeal, so light it was not. However, they were good straight from the oven. Because I was trying, until the muffin liner murder, to incorporate quick breads into every meal, they were served with homemade gnocchi and margaritas. That may have been one of the stranger meals we've put together, and we even had people over to share it with us.

The homemade gnocchi was inspired by a gnocchi streak I had 2 weeks ago. I had gnocchi 3 nights in a row for dinner at various eating establishments, and on the 4th night, instead of being sick of gnocchi, I wanted more and started to have withdrawal symptoms. So, on a Friday night, I popped a few potatoes into a 400 degree oven and invited some people over for dinner. My friends came over to help me shape and roll the gnocchi, and what we couldn't eat that night was fed to the freezer for future use.  The gnocchi pictured below is from today's lunch of gnocchi, sun-dried tomatoes, chard, and loads of garlic. I finished it off with a sprinkling of Parmesan. (Yes, I ate it all. Don't judge me.) Quick tip: broiling your cooked gnocchi is a really, really good idea.

In other random news, how lazy do you have to be to buy pre-peeled garlic? The boy came home with a bag of peeled garlic and could not stop extolling the virtues of his cheap garlic cloves that were ready to go. Apparently, when he makes his famous rotisserie leg of lamb, he hates peeling the garlic cloves that uses to season it. However, now we have a ton of mystery garlic (the mystery being where was it grown?) that needs to be used ASAP. This may be a job for kimchi.

In knitting news, Aidez is off the needles, and I'm just waiting for the blocked parts to dry so I can seam it together. It's dumping rain here, so the chances of it drying soon is pretty unlikely. Hopefully, I can get it done before next weekend.

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Go out and celebrate!


  1. My dad once bought several pounds of garlic (don't ask where he got it from, i really have no idea) and thought it would be a good idea to peel it all and freeze it. And while it did take him quite a while to do (back in the day before they had those fun rubbery tubes you stick your garlic in, roll it around, and comes out peeled) it froze quite well and we had fresh garlic available for some time. The downside of this story is that the ice in the freezer's ice-maker began to taste garlicy and has tasted that way ever since. And it's only been, oh, 15 years or so.

  2. Luka is sending Mingus a high five. :)

  3. It is also Nationaly Nap Day. I heard it on NPR so it must be true...

    As for the cupcake liner. I only have paper liners with Barbie on the sides. I am admitting quite an ignorant streak by telling you that I've never actually seen a silicon muffin liner. The colors are really pretty though. Good luck.



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