Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swingy Cardi

Being less than five-feet tall makes it hard to find clothes that fit right, especially when the style I'm after is a cardigan that's long in the front and short in the back. (It's a reverse mullet cardi!) So, what's a knitter to do? She makes one herself!

I added picot trim to the sleeves and the bottom of the cardigan,

 and I added some scalloped edging to the neck.

Madeline Tosh DK is so smooth and soft. I had reservations about knitting with a single-ply superwash yarn, but those reservations melted away with each stitch I knit. MadTosh is a pricey yarn, but I was lucky that it was 20% off at Article Pract (it was a staff pick).

 Speaking of yarn stores, my all time favorite store is no longer. Stash Yarn, you were the best! I am going to miss you.

More details on the cardi can be found on my Rav project entry. Perhaps I'll write this pattern up, too.

Anyone going to Sock Summit in Portland? I'll be there attending the marketplace and hopefully the Sock Hop! My train ticket and hotel are booked, so now I can concentrate on what I'll eat and where I'll visit. A friend works at the Omsi, so that's on the list, and I've love to do some kayaking, hiking, and yarn shopping.  All recommendations are welcome and appreciated.


  1. I feel your pain on finding clothes that fit properly, but for the opposite reason. I'm nearly six feet tall with very long arms and legs. When I find something that actually fits properly I always go a little nuts and buy every color shirt in that style and multiple pairs of pants!

    That's a great looking cardi. Hope you enjoy Sock Summit. Take lots of pictures!

  2. Such a good eating town, Portland. Probably my favorite place:

  3. runswithneedles, I do that as well! I have loads of tops and pants that are the same style, but different color.

    tipsy, Pok Pok will be a destination. Happily, there's also a beer festival in Portland during that same weekend!

  4. Oh, yes, PokPok!

    I'd love to meet you in person; I'm around all weekend. So lucky SS is on my home turf!



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