Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dropping the Knit Bomb

As I was walking around town, disconnected with everything surrounding me because I was stuck thinking about mundane tasks that needed to be done, it was nice to be snapped back to the present by a bit of unexpected knitting.

The knitting revolution has begun!


  1. Wanderingcatstudio, you're quick with the comments! I swear I just pressed "Publish", and there you were. I so wish I could take credit for this - it's so awesome.

  2. that is so cool!! and i know exactly where that is too...and has anyone taken over the old Black Oak Books spot?

  3. kimchi, I actually can't recall if there was anything in that old space. I think it's still empty. When you come to town, we'll have to go to Masse's - they have pistachio mousse cake!

  4. Is it actually knit then seamed on or just wrapped in yarn. It looked knit when I zoomed in. Either way, lots of fun to see.

  5. Tina, it looked like it was knit ahead of time, then seamed. However, I didn't get close enough to confirm that! I'll check it out in more detail next time I'm in that neighborhood.



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