Friday, December 9, 2011


Mingus is blindingly white in  sunlight. If he sparkled, he'd be a vampire.
Although these two have lived as a family now for 6 years, I am still awed that they get along so well. Vespa came along first, and she was not happy when we "fostered" Mingus, a big brute of a malamute. Mingus was bossy, humpy, and generally out of control. We didn't even think we'd keep Mingus when we pulled him from the pound. We planned on teaching him some basic manners, and then help him find a home.Yet, he mellowed with training, age, and stability. Now, even though they can be anywhere in the house, Vespa and Mingus prefer to be together.

The cats are siblings and we adopted them together, so from day one they've been the best of friends, but I never had such high hopes for my dogs.

Vespa and I walked on the trails near our house today. The weather during the day has been sunny and warm instead of the usually gray and wet I expect in December, so we savored this walk.

I have a hard time believing that Vespa is 8- or 9-years-old. Sure, she has a gray muzzle now, but she still seems as inquisitive and playful as a puppy. Greaseball and Fifty are still her elders, but they seem like crotchety old cats. Vespa and Mingus seem like pups, but this probably shows that it's been a long time since I've been around a puppy myself. I do recall a fair amount of gnawing going on when we fostered puppies, and I do remember being really excited when it was their time to go away.


  1. "...Mingus, a big brute of a malamute. Mingus was bossy, humpy, and generally out of control."

    I could describe Luka with those exact words! He was a handful when I adopted him. Thankfully, training and lots of exercise has mellowed him. Otherwise, I'd be an alcoholic by now.

    Your cats are siblings?! I never would have guessed that.

  2. runswithneedles, the cats upon first inspection look nothing alike. However, if you stare at the tops of their heads, you'll see the same pattern. Greaseball is not uniformly gray - he has tabby stripes.



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