Saturday, February 2, 2013

Homemade Coconut Moisturizer

Apparently, all those fresh scratches on my arms are not from my cat Fifty jumping onto me while I'm sleeping, as I suspected, but from me scratching myself while I'm asleep because my skin is so dry. This is what you learn when your husband is sick and can't sleep. 

Inspired by this post, I made a batch of coconut moisturizer to slather on post shower. Right out of the jar, coconut oil is solid. Although you could break out chunks of it and rub it onto your skin, it would be a messy endeavor. I remembered reading about an olive oil whip for dry skin that involved melting beeswax and then blending olive oil into the melted wax. That seemed a bit fussy, so my next thought was using coconut oil as the base since it was already a solid. Sure enough, many people have thought of this already, so I picked a simple recipe and ran with it.

In a mixer using the wire whisk, I blended 1/3 cup of coconut oil, 2 tsp of vitamin E, and 2 tsp of avocado oil on medium-high (6 on my KitchenAid). After 5 minutes, I stopped the mixer and felt the resulting whipped moisturizer. It was still a little grainy, so I turned the mixer back on for a few more minutes. 

That was it! I scraped the mixture into a jar and applied it after my shower. It absorbs quickly into my skin. I'm also planning on using this as an eye makeup remover as well as a facial moisturizer. Hopefully, no more midnight scratching for me!


  1. Fifty's been vindicated! You really should do something to make it up to him, like maybe knitting him a new hat or whipping up some salmon snacks.

  2. WUH!? I have a huge gallon jug-o-coconut oil on my shelf. And dry itchy skin. This sounds so cool - I might just try to find some E and avocado oil, too. Thanks for sharing your recipe.



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