Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top-Down Carboy Sweater Pattern, Finally!

Because I've knit this carboy sweater 3 times, each time taking notes and making improvements, it is time to publish a pattern to save others the trouble. When you are making this, do not dwell on the fact that you could be making yourself a sweater instead. No, no, no, that will make you bitter.

Instead, think kind thoughts about the person who spent 3 months fussing over every little detail about the sweater when she could have been making 3 sweaters for herself or 20 cat hats. And buy her pattern on Ravelry.

$4.00 USD

Because carboys with sweaters are happier, more productive  carboys, they reproduce. There is an additional carboy that just appeared in our house, and since I'm not one to discriminate, it will get its own sweater.


  1. That carboy just looks more content now, I think. Unfortunately, I do not own one, but maybe I could adapt the pattern a bit to knit my dad a cover for his Gallo jug wine....or maybe not, ha, ha.

  2. Very nice! My SO also home brews and also likes to ferment (multiple) carboys in the kitchen. Old t-shirts and dog towels also cover his so I can totally relate. I took matters into my own hands and have been sewing more fashionable carboy covers with batik fabrics. It never dawned on me to knit a "giant hat". Great idea, I'm definitely going to have to try this.



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