Friday, April 27, 2007

FOs and Fire! Fire! Fire!

Muahahahahaha! Tonight is the boy's birthday party, so that only means one thing: Indian Feast! I'm slaving away (okay, fine, I'm currently blogging, but I assure you that when I am not blogging I am slaving away) on our meal. Tonight's menu, which will be enough for 10 people, includes lamb saag, tomato braised cauliflower, and basmati rice. For dessert, I bought a cake from the people who made our wedding cake, Masse's Pastries. Best. Cake. Ever. I used to hate cake until I was force fed a bite of Masse's mango mousse delight. (Sorry, I would post a picture the cake porn, but it has the boy's real name on it. After my last post, he said that he would be very upset - I'm paraphrasing here to spare your innocent eyes - if his real identity every intersected with the dog hair carding boy identity.) I am also going to make some marzipan cupcakes for his actual birthday tomorrow! Whee, I can feel the fat cells circling around me like rabid sharks as I write this, but it will be worth it!

Fire! Fire! Fire! This will eventually be a chicken liver mousse. What does this have to do with Indian food? Absolutely nothing, but the boy loves it, so I made it. Since I'm a firephobe, it took me three tries to light the congnac. It also didn't help that I was holding a camera with the other hand and flapping my other hand in the air as I screamed "Fire! Fire! Fire!"

And in knitting news, I have another FO (finished objects, for those friends of mine who aren't crazy knitters - yet). The lovely Vesparini is modeling two socks knit on size 1 needles out Trekking XXL sock yarn (colorway 166). These socks were literally painful to knit, mainly because I am an inexperienced knitting newbie who doesn't listen to other people's sound advice that I should've knit my first pair of socks with worsted weight yarn. Oh well. I love these socks and I've already cast on another pair for the boy. Since he wears size 13 shoes and he wants the top of the socks done in 2X2 ribbing, I get the strange feeling that these socks his way of getting me back for something...


  1. I'm not sure if I could comfortably have a fire in my kitchen either!

    The socks look GREAT! Man, are YOU AMBITIOUS!!!

    So, the "Boy" doesn't want to be connected to any of the spindles or knitting you speak of? How much is my silence worth?


  2. drool.. esp the cake..

    I love the socks on vespa! she is such a pretty model! and a good patient one too



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