Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue Dog, it isn't personal

It's not personal, Blue Dog. Nevermind that Mingus decided to rip you open where your hypothetical throat would be. You had a squeaker, and things with squeakers must die. Let this beam of light carry you to a happier place where you can squeak, squeak, squeak to your hypothetical heart's content.

Orange flowers, I like you. I like you a lot. I like it when I receive you for no reason at all*.

Curve of Pursuit blanket, why can't you knit yourself? You are like a scarf, times 100. I'm trying to infuse you with good thoughts, but I'm afraid that I'm unintentionally infusing you with I-hate-knitting-garter-stitch thoughts. I can see it now, the giftees will wrap the blankets around themselves, then look at each other and say, "I don't know what garter stitch is, but I sure hate it!" Yet, I have hope that I will love you, Curve of Pursuit blanket, and possibly even miss you, when you are gone. That is always how these things go. Again, it isn't personal.

*Keep 'em coming, flower giver!


  1. ahhh, yes, the hatred of garter...
    it's starting to enter my short row scarf as well. but hang in there. that blanket is looking awesome!
    and oh geez Mingus looks so Guilty in that picture!!! that sheepish, "oh it was HIS fault! HE STARTED IT!!!" look. :o)

  2. How can anybody hate garter stitch with its magical mathematical properties - and it never lets you down!

  3. See, I've been a bit distracted lately and not at all able to focus enough to learn any new stitches. Sooooo...I'm perfecting my dish cloths! Hee hee hee...I'm knitting to avoid KNITTING!!!

    Maybe my ablility to learn new stitches will fall out of 5YO's ear. At this point, there could be ANYTHING in there!

    The flowers are so pretty! 'Flowers for no reason' are the best kind!

  4. Poor, poor Blue Dog...condemned to death because he had a squeaker. Ms. Violet died a similar death all because she had a squeaker.

  5. well it took him long enough. I get Mingus a loofa dog every year and every year he kills it hahahaha

  6. You are so funny! Squeakers must die. Huck loves to disembowel his stuffed toys! It makes him look so wofly!



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