Monday, January 7, 2008

We haven't blown away yet...

Mingus, can you please tell our audience what weather has been like this week?

Rain (and wind), rain (and wind), GO AWAY! Although today I can actually see the sun and parts of the giant redwood tree in the backyard aren't falling off, it is an anomaly. Tomorrow, we're resuming our rainy, windy day schedule. Unfortunately, both dogs think that they are delicate flowers that will melt in the rain, so shoving them outside for potty breaks is quite the affair. I almost felt bad for them (instead, I laughed) when I took them into the backyard and they were blown against the back fence. Strangely, neither one of them has a problem with taking their daily walks in the rain. Hm, I think I'm being played.

Since being outside isn't even remotely compelling, I've been using my leisure time to work on the blanket. When Mingus took a look at my first attempt of the Curve of Pursuit, he gagged again. Admittedly, the color order I chose was not working out and the signature whorls in this pattern were not popping. So, with heavy heart and aching wrists, I started the blanket again.

This time, it is much better!

Mingus thinks it is niiiice, veerrry niiiiiice. It is so nice that he becomes sleepy at the thought of lying on such a nice blanket. Or something like that.

However, if he thinks that he is allowed anywhere near this blanket, he is sadly mistaken. Why? Take a look for yourselves:

These are shots of the carnivorous plant that resides in our living room. The purpose of posting these pictures is not to wow you with my new camera's macro lens, but to prove that Mingus gets his fur everywhere! In every single frame, all I can see are strands of his billowy, white fur.

When I pointed this out to him, he was oh so very proud.

I assure you that Mingus likes all this torturing modeling. Really, he does! Would that smiling face lie to you?


  1. hee hee = try having an all white husky and 2 GSD's in the house! One dog is enough fur! but we love them, so we deal with it. I think my crocheting has their fur all woven into it - no way anyone is going to miss having some of them in their presents!

  2. We've nominated you for an award! check out our blog for details

  3. Oh my stars, we've got Celeste hair all over the house! It's summer here, and although she hasn't got hair falling out in clumps (yet), it still goes everywhere. With every step she takes, hair falls from her body. It's everywhere, it's everywhere!

  4. GAH! Mingus take SUCH a good picture!!! Vespa too, but she's got a little more of her own mind when it comes down to it!

    Grr..I could could just squeeze him!

    The weather has let up a little here too, but not for long!

  5. omg. the curve of pursuit looks GREAT! and yes, i agree, the color mix is much better this time around. the last time was good too but this one is even better!
    can't wait to see it all finished! that pattern is amazing!
    mingus, as always, is such the professional model.

  6. Ah, Mingus... you are such the (hairy) ham : )

    I do like those colors for your Curve of Pursuit - very nice.



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