Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RIP, Faceless Stuffy Toy

It started with an ever so subtle invitation to play.

Mingus offered up his precious ball, but it wasn't enough.

He played keep away with his faceless stuffy toy, one of his most favorite toys ever.

Scarlet, however, has jaws of lightening. There's no keeping anything from that girly. It became a battle of wills and jaws.

And in the end, the most innocent player paid the ultimate price.

RIP, Faceless Stuffy Toy.


  1. Wow SLCS is huge now!

  2. Such cute pups!! We have the same toy but we call it "fuzzy AOL man".

  3. We frequently have the same outcome at our house as well. Though now the girls are in season, so the boy only has thoughts for them...

    Only 7 more days until sleep.

  4. Wow! I can only imagine what your budget is for replacement doggie toys!!!

  5. Scarlet is so beautiful now! And...*sigh*'s always the innocent that pay the heaviest price...poor poor stuffy toy...may there soon be an identical stuffy toy twin in the house...



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