Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Teeny Tiny Bit of Knitting

My MIL (and FIL and my parental units) stayed with us this week. It was a party! A big party with only one bathroom. Eek!

I did manage to knit another hat for my MIL, though, so rest assured that not all of my knitting mojo is gone.

This hat starts off the same as the Floppy Brim Hat, but I changed the brim a bit to make it ruffly. The ruffle effect is a result of knitting consecutive increase rounds for the brim, and then binding off loosly.

I also hope to finish my two at a time, toe up socks soon. And I also have what I hope is a funny idea for some cat toys, so stay tuned...


  1. What a fun weekend! Did you guys make a schedule for the bathroom or just rent a porta-potty and put it in the yard?


    I cannot wait to see the socks! The hat is adorable and it really looks like MIL likes it! I need to finish my sock so I can finish my other one and start something new....

  2. Luckily, everyone was on a different schedule so there weren't any near accidents! I suppose if someone really had to go, they could use the backyard like the dogs...

  3. Just, beautiful!

    The hat, and the woman underneath it.


  4. Have you checked out Nicky Epstein's "Knitted Hats"? There are some really cool (and different) hats to try out on your MIL!



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