Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Mini Mitten Weather!

Pink Argyle has a fun little pattern posted for mini mittens. I decided to make a couple pairs of mittens to give away!

Because I dislike the fiddliness of small DPNs, I knit these mittens on 2 circular needles. I also made the following modifications:
  • Using the cable cast on, CO 18 sts on one circular needle, and placed 8 sts onto the other circular needle (needle A).
  • Knit 3 rounds of 1x1 twisted rib
  • After the thumb was knit, pick up 2 sts using needle A, and then knit the remaining 6 sts. Now, both circular needles have 8 sts each.
  • Knit all stitches after Decrease Round, and then repeat Decrease Round before cutting yarn tail.
The nice thing about mini knitted items is that you can pop them into an envelope with a card, and off they go to their new home! Standing in line at a post office during this time of year makes me a little batty, so I try to avoid it when I can. I figure that the time I spend knitting these is equivalent to going out and buying someone a gift, wrapping it, and then delivering it to the post office. In this case, I probably saved time since each mitten took about 30 minutes.

Of course, Vespa had to model these for me. Look at how the mini mittens are eclipsed by the enormity that is Vespa's Schnoz.

And, just because...


  1. I like the mitten-Vespa contrast. It makes the mittens look impossibly tiny... or Vespa look enormous. Awesome!

  2. I also love the Vespa/mitten contrast.

    I also love the last picture of Vespa. Gorgeous!

  3. Gulliver should have taken you along! I love your mini knits & Vespa looks smashing!

  4. I love those! And Vespa looks very handsome modeling them :)



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