Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mini Hats... and Cats!

'Tis the season for knitting tiny things! Last year, we had a mini sweater infestation. This year, mini hats! Since I could not find any mini hat patterns tiny enough, I had to make them up myself. Last night, I was playing around with the hat decreases, trying to get the perfect stocking hat look on a small scale. I also attempted to make a mini ear flap hat, but it was a flop.

I prefer the shape of the stocking cap on the right. I took notes, too, so I can offer a pattern if there are any other tiny hat knitters out there!

Tonight, I plan on making more mini sweaters. Then, I'll be able to dress my fingers up even more! Someone pointed out to me that wearing gloves would be an easier way to keep my hands warm, but alas, practicality is not my strong suit. (Remember, I'm the gal who knits cat hats.)

The cats seem perfectly content to laze around the house these days, especially now that the temperature at our (uninsulated) house dropped to winter levels. It cracks me up that they usually have to sleep together, and oftentimes I'll spy Greaseball in very weird positions. Fifty-Fifty doesn't seem to mind, though. I suppose my cats have already proven that they can put up with a lot.


  1. Flap flop? Was that intentional? I laughed out loud! Cute hats.

  2. Those are so cute! And I thought the baby hats provided instant gratification....

    You MUST post the pattern....

  3. uh-oh...another infestation...they always seem to appear around the holidays! :o) Happy knitting!

    PS to Mingus: Wearing a regular sized scarf and hat may fend off the impending mini-hat infestation. Be sure to pose for a photo as proof of innoculation!

  4. I'm thinking they're also the perfect size to keep the tips of kitty-tails warm and snug for the winter!

  5. I don't know, I think the mini ear flap hat is cute! (so are the others) My kitties are also spending much time cuddled together for warmth :)



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