Sunday, December 16, 2007

We have an infestation!

It started with Mingus. I started to get worried when he wouldn't even budge for a cookie. Clearly, something was wrong.

Then, Vespa started showing symptoms. Her first outbreak appeared on her forehead, too. She was worried.

Very, very worried.
Mingus was getting worse. He was becoming more and more lethargic. Not even promises of walks and dog parks could stir him from his funk.

The vile disease proved to be a particularly dangerous when it crossed species and started to attack my cats. I thought I did a good job quarantining the animals, but this virus was ruthless and could not be stopped!

I even started to have symptoms. Clearly, something had to be done.

Since there was no cure, the virus started to mutate. It sprouted a hood. Serious in the front...

Party in the back!

This particular mutation was first spotted on Fifty-Fifty's nose.

What to do? They've sprouted hangers and now they're everywhere!

They took over the Christmas tree...

And even my carnivorous plant.

If you would like an infestation in your house, go here for instructions.

Happy holidays!


  1. Oh I love them so much!!

    they are definitely on my list for post christmas knitting.. I am sure Kallie will love knocking them off the tree last year (I need to go on an ornament hunt when I take my tree down - there is at least one ornament missing..

    good to see all the animals represening

  2. Very funny post! Those poor pets. I hope the infestation clears up soon!

  3. hahaha those are cool. I want one or two!!! hahaha

  4. You have a serious infection, but luckily, it is not as disasterous as an infestation of Barbie clothes. THAT might have been deadly.

  5. Oh my, that is quite the plague of tiny sweaters you have there! It's pretty bad in my apartment, too, but fortunately I don't have any pets for it to attack. Just the tree and the drawing figure.

    Your sweaters are all so cute, and thanks for linking to me! I gotta try the hood, too.

  6. did you take these to the party at jen's on sunday???
    they are too cute! :o)
    love the look on greaseball's face in that picture!

  7. I love your entry! I started making these obsessively--is there any other way? --about 4 days ago. A friend sent me your link and just love the way you present them. My dogs, one in particular, would think they were toys! Well.. They are I suppose!

    Anyway... I think I shall link your delightful post :)



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