Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Photo Outtakes

Christmas bores Mingus.

"Look here! Dogs, look at me! Look at the treat!"

"If I'm a really good dog, Santa will bring me more meth!"

Well, Mingus is smiling, but Vespa looks worried. She's probably stressing out about all that Christmas shopping she still needs to do. Also, how did the green monster get in that photo?!?

"Mingus! I said STAY! Get your fluffy butt back here right now!"

Testing out the lights.

The tree. It will probably be devoid of leaves by the time Christmas rolls around thanks to happy dog tails and cats who eat pine needles.

I actually do have some knitting to post, but today is a lazy day. Again.


  1. Awwww...the tree is beautiful! I like how the dogs could care less about the three...until they taste it!

  2. awww, love the pictures! and how crazy mingus looks too! :o)
    don't worry vespa, all the holiday shopping will get done with plenty of time to spare for a game of fetch! :o)
    the tree looks great! what a perfect spot for it!

  3. I feel honored that I met the dogs in 3-D, even if I did almost end up being pushed into the Xmas tree by Mingus.

  4. Celeste won't smile for the camera. She just puts on her mad face and claims the carpet as her own.



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