Friday, December 28, 2007

Ack! I've been tagged!

Kathleen at A Bag of Olives (who I must link back to) has tagged me for very introspective meme. Luckily, with the new year approaching, I'm in the mood for some introspection, so she caught me at the right time!

Today's theme is: write a letter to your 13-year old self. I have to tag 5 other people, too, who can follow suit or choose to ignore me.

Dear me at 13,

Everyone thinks that this age sucks, so know that you're not alone. Even those kids who act like they have it all together will look back on these years and cringe. Trust me: teenage angst is nothing new and everyone experiences it.

That being said, I know that a lot of your angst stems from being so different from your peers: your mouth is full of headgear, your family eats meals with chopsticks, and you still think stuffed animals are cooler than boys. Being normal is overrated, and quite frankly, boring. Keep on doing what you want and following your internal compass. And trust that gut!

Spend more time with your grandfather. Listen to all of his stories and ask him about his life. Remember these stories because very soon, he won't be able to remember them himself. When you visit him years later, remember how he is now. That's the real man.

Even now, you're still with me. When I'm outraged at the injustice around me, it is you I tap into to do something about it! Your knee-jerk honest responses to situations that needed more finesse have gotten me into trouble on more occasions than I care to remember. However, take comfort in knowing that I have no regrets about my life (it's not my style), so take some risks and encourage those you love to do the same.


P.S. "Our" teeth are still straight, so that torture device in your mouth is worth it.


Your turn! I'm tagging the following bloggers:
  1. TofuNinja from Perform or Go Home
  2. LeannIAm from I Should've Bred Iguanas
  3. Caroline from LabPuggleChi
  4. Greenkozi from The Macinator
  5. Harleymom from The Chronicles of Chuck
As I mentioned before, no worries if this is not your thing!


  1. i will think about this one- funny coincidence because that book, house on mango street- is the theme of my 13-year-old self. i will think on it and hopefully have it up there.

    i am not sure i know 5 bloggers though!

    also, i read case histories, and liked it. check the book reviews "tags" and see if any appeal to you. i read a lot. they don't all make it up there. i can't knit, so gotta do something :)

  2. I loved your letter to your young self! Thanks for writing it!

  3. Great letter! I played along, so check it out! Didn't we actually meet when we were thirteen or so? I think I was just about to turn 14 when I met you!

    This was a fun one!



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