Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Infestation Continues...

More and more mini sweaters are popping up at the wildtomato household. Mingus seems to be the main carrier.

This new sweater, the Mother of All Mini Sweaters, just popped up today. I knit it on size 5 needles using Cascade 220.

Vespa and Greaseball continue to recover from their recent sweater illness. Yet again, the cyclops green monster makes an appearance.

Some more gift knitting is complete: a recycled sari silk scarf. The pattern is from Double Helix.

My initial thought was to make a simple garter stitch scarf, but two things kept me from doing it: I was afraid I'd fall asleep and a garter stitch scarf would have been too heavy because the silk singles are dense.

Although it looks good on Vespa, and she was quite fond of it, I think it will make it to its intended person.

I have one leftover skein of the sari silk, and I don't know what to do with it. The stuff is pretty, but oh what a pain it was to knit with it! This single plied yarn was not a consistent diameter, and there were several times I was afraid that it would snap because it got so thin. That funkiness is what gives it its charm, though, and in the end, I liked the final product.


  1. I love all the sweaters and the scarf looks fantastic!!!!

  2. Oh poor poor Mingus! With time, he may turn into one complete teeny tiny little sweater! hopefully the infestation will run its course by the time Christmas arrives!

    I found recycled silk to be difficult because the skeins I had were so overspun. I couldn't think of making a scarf that would go against the skin because of all the scratchy little nobs of overspin. Pretty colors and lovely to look at, but what a PITA to knit!

  3. those are the tinyest sweaters ever! and they just keep popping up? that's so strange! cute tho....



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