Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Hat Madness

I had recently knit a bunch of baby hats for my cousin's twins. The twins, affectionately and appropriately called the Mini JJs, requested hats with ear flaps since these little LA babies needed to be bundled up for their new digs in St. Louis.

The payoff for baby hats is huge! I get pictures like this:

and this:

Their mom added the ties to the ends of the hats since it turns out that babies don't like to keep hats on their heads. I suppose Greaseball is much more patient in this respect. Next time I make a baby hat, I will make sure to add ties!

The bunny ear hat also got a fitting home with Little RoRo. Ack! He's so cute!

Now, the boy has requested an aviator style cap just like the ones I've given to three babies. Unfortunately, his head is not so small (although, babies heads, I was surprised to learn, are really not super small), so it might be awhile.


  1. Babies should not have things tied under their chins. They could choke themselves if the hat got caught on something.

    The hats are very cute though!

  2. Lovely hats! I always love it when people can get pictures of their finished hats actually ON the baby. I have only done that once or twice...

    I feel honored that you're going to try one of my patterns for your friend's dog! The button one is SOOOOO easy. You could do it in your sleep knitting with your toes. Haha! Lexi's measurements are:
    Weight: 14ish pounds
    Chest: 17-17 1/2”
    Neck: 11 1/2”
    Base of tail to shoulders: 14”

    If your friend has a girl dog, it'll be easy peasy to make the dog sweater. If it's a boy, you'll need to do some more increasing before joining in the round (if you do the turtle neck one) just so he doesn't pee on the sweater.

    Whichever one you choose, I know it'll look great!

  3. I love that the boy still wants an Aviator hat! The bunny hat is his regular "cold weather" hat now. I should whip out the aviator again - this is the perfect time of the year for it. You are an awesome knitter.

    I've been wanting to try knitting one more time. Maybe your baby beret?

  4. Soooooooooooo cute! And keeps the ears warm too:)))

  5. Darling hats, and kids! I love hat weather and just pulled out all of ours, gosh I've made a lot over the years :)

  6. Babies have had hats tied on their heads since the beginning of time. I wouldn't put them to bed like that or leave them unsupervised, but they shouldn't be unsupervised ANYWAY!

    Make them with ties, if that's how their mom wants them. Unsolicited advice from ANONYMOUS people isn't all that helpful, now is it?

    Those hats are ADORABLE! Is it a simple pattern?

  7. Don't you LOVE The Itty-Bitty Hat Book??? I've been churning out "ear-flappy hats" for my expecting friends in Mpls and Syracuse like mad. Oh, and one for my Dad in NJ, because he saw them and wanted to know if they came in grown-up sizes.

    And yes, they all have ties, as per the Inca Snowflake pattern. I would, however, advise against idiot-strings for infant mittens for the obvious reasons.



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