Monday, November 3, 2008

This is not a political blog

And for this reason, I am perplexed why some political ads quite contrary to my views were popping up. Until this election is done, I've removed the banner ads. Sorry for those of you who had to see those hateful ads.

And now we return to our regular cat, dog, and knitting program...


  1. I must have tunnel vision. When I visit her, I only look for your posts and the comments. The advertising goes unnoticed.

  2. They're popping up all over place. Particularly a certain pro-constitutional amendment group, unfortunately. I'm seeing them in unsuspecting places.

  3. It's nice to visit your blog ad-free. Frankly, I try to limit my exposure to advertising, so hadn't been visiting much once the ads appeared, just pulling the rss into my reader. You may get other anti-consumerists visiting today!

  4. I guess I assume that regular readers will check my blog via an RSS, so they won't be exposed to the ads. At least that is how I read all of the blogs I follow. I put the ads on my blog initially because one of my cat hat patterns was featured on Ugly Crap. Nice, eh? So, I decided that I could make yarn money off of the Ugly Crap people. Now, I get over 150 hits a day for the free patterns, so I just left the ads on.

  5. Wow--that's a lot hit-ola! Now if I could only comment via rss...;)



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