Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Life, Out of Order

If my life were in order, that would be a first!

Since I have come to the sad conclusion that I'll never write a quarter of the blog posts I have in my head, here are some pictures explaining why this blog has been so silent.

We took the dogs backpacking at Snow Mountain. They like to leave us in the dust, quite literally.

Mingus usually take the time to sing us some blues.

And Vespa adds a little punk rock ditty to the mix.

I'll backpack for miles to a picturesque spot, only so I can sit on a tree and stare at my hands for a few hours. Hey, I like to sit and knit in nature!

We escaped to Pismo Beach for a few days to soak in some sand and sun time.

I experimented with figs after I was tired of popping them fresh into my mouth. This dish was chicken thighs braised with balsamic vinegar, red wine, and figs. It was so good!

We stayed in Nevada for a Halloween wedding and to explore. Here's the cutest wedding cake ever!

This is a little bit of Virginia City, which has preserved its Wild West roots. We stayed in a "haunted" hotel here. Want to know what is more annoying than ghosts? Ghost hunters! There was no insulation in this place, so we could hear the ghost hunters setting up equipment to catch whatever it was they try to catch and whispering whatever it is they think is cool to each other.

I observed my friends racing their Miata, and crossed my fingers that my other friends and the boy wouldn't go up in flames as they pit crewed. I had the oh so important job of changing the helmet cards and yelling, "1 MINUTE LEFT!"

New bike!

And here is some unexpectedly good road food in a little town between Williams and Clearlake. We had a hearty posole and one of the best fried fishes I've had since Mexico. I *heart* California and its unexpectedly good road food.

I've been busy gift knitting, too. But I can't show you any of those, so you'll just have to trust me.

I've been running, too. For those of you keeping track, I'm up to week 6 on the Couch to 5K program. Vespa and Mingus are on week 6, also.


  1. I'm tired for you, and that was before I got to the end of the post, "I've been running, too."

    I want some of those race pics!

  2. Wow, looks like lots of fun! Congrats on your running, I bet the dogs love it.

  3. YUMMY FOOD!!! and oh those pics of the dogs are classic! if only fanny would haul her own food/gear...
    :o) HAHA my word verification for this comment is "mingsis". ha!

  4. Those are some great shots! Could Vespa and Mingus also help me carry in the groceries?

  5. Oh, I love the puppy shots!

  6. I love that your dogs carry their own gear!!

  7. What an awesome trip! Love the photos of the pups and the food . . . and the coolest wedding cake ever! Enough of the white froo froo.

    Sounds like fun by all!

  8. Gorgeous photos and great looking food. Mingus singing...ahhh, it makes me glad that Celeste didn't get to hear, or she'd be singing up a storm, too! Lucky thing that Vespa was there to help with the lyrics. :o)

  9. Congrats on getting some visiting time in my hometown of Pismo!



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