Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dogs, Rain, Yarn

The Bay Area is having a long overdue rain spell. I am feeling cooped up since I hate cold, windy, and wet, which is exactly what outside is right now. The dogs are also feeling cooped up, since they have a bad case of princess feet and do not want their precious paws to get muddy.

To give the dogs something to do other than sulk around the house, I took some of their Nylabones and smeared the ends with a thin layer of peanut butter. The Nylabones have lots of crevices from the dogs chewing and chewing on them, so there were lots of little nooks for peanut butter to reside (you can see what I'm talking about in Vespa's first picture). It was a hit!

Vespa likes to pretend she's swimming on her beach towel, and she dreams of warmer days.

Mingus likes to chew his beach towel. He's still waiting for a thought.

I am very glad that we trained our dogs to eat treats on towels. It saves us a big mess.

Greaseball has been acting odd, and perhaps it is due to this weather. I find him staring at what seems like nothing. I'm sure he sees something. I can see it in his eyes. I just don't know what he finds so facinating on the door jam.

The rain makes pretty symetrical patterns on our plants, so I do appreciate that.

Another thing I appreciate is this swift that the boy made me. I've had it, and used it heavily, since November, but I've neglected to mention it here! Isn't it spiffy?


  1. That is a pretty sweet swift! Like everyone else I'm very grateful for the rain, but it does make walking down to the laundromat even less appealing than usual.

  2. AWESOME SWIFT!!! I love how your dogs are trained so well! Lily grabs things and runs outside with them, so that works too! Your dogs are still smarter though. Well, at least VESPA is!


    I don't like cold and wet weather either! Is Arizona sounding appealing again?

  3. those are such cute pictures.. the picture of greasy could be a total SAB w/ kallie - she gets that same look..

    when my cats stare at unseen things I just hope that if there are mice in the walls (its likely old building, city, we have occasionaly rats in part of the attached building ugh) the power of the cat stare keeps them in the walls :)

    I love the swift!

  4. Maybe the cat is saying, "I see dead people."

  5. I like the swift! I'm still using the back of a dining room chair...not too swift really.

    I wonder if Greaseball is just posing for the camera...if so, it worked!

  6. i jsut love the swift!! nice job there mr. boy



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