Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Slouch for All Seasons

The slouch trend could no longer be ignored. I had to have one, regardless if I looked silly or not! The top of my head and the tips of my ears were tired of being cold during dog walks, so slouchy hat to the rescue!

The pattern, A Slouch for All Seasons, was quick and fun. And if I get tired of this hat, Vespa wears it well.

Pattern: A Slouch for All Seasons
Yarn: Cascade 220, in some shade of red (the ball band is hiding from me)
Needles: Size 7
Pattern Modification: I changed the 1x1 ribbing to 1x1 twisted rib


  1. Looks better on you.

    no offense, Vespa . ..

  2. LOVE it, GREAT job! :)

  3. ack! bloglines was not sending me your new posts! you have been busy! and i need to make that yogurt...and go to that bahn mi place...

  4. awesome hat - you and Vespa both look smashing in it!

  5. SO CUTE! Now I know why I should follow patterns...but I just don't like to!

    I might have to try this one, though. I'm sure I'd pick up a new technique (OR SIX!)

  6. I think both of you look very smart in the slouchie hat! I wish Celeste would wear a hat so nicely!

  7. your neighborbood JenFebruary 27, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    LOL, Vespa looks like she joined some militant movement in that hat.



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