Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitchen Vespa

Vespa inhales her breakfast and Mingus takes his sweet time. Sometimes, he doesn't even want to finish his food, however nothing gets his appetite going like the threat of Vespa inhaling his food, too. Since he isn't too fond of that idea, I found that the perfect way to get Mingus to eat is to keep Vespa in the kitchen until Mingus finishes every last bite.

Vespa and I will do simple sit/stay exercises, and if I see Mingus stop eating, I'll have Vespa walk over to his bowl to investigate. That usually gets Mingus eating again.

Today's exercises included a little modeling.

I call these shots "Vespa is not amused."

This shot is titled "Give me the damn treat already."

We like to call this shot "Why do you torture me so?" This is alternately known as "Person behind the camera cannot shoot and hold a dog treat."

This final masterpiece is called "Half Head" or "Look at how big my ears are."


  1. It must be a Malamute thing. Kishka doesn't eat. She dines. She stretches out on the floor and takes up to 30 minutes to work her way through a bowl of food. It makes Sadie nuts! (Sadie inhales her food in about 20 seconds.)

  2. Our new foster, Ray, takes his time eating too. But Shiloh & Guinness eat like there is no tomorrow! Guinness does the best head tilt/ big ears thing too! Great shots and captions

  3. She may not be amused, but she is so pretty pretty!

  4. Celeste does the same with her food. She doesn't have any competition, so she takes her time eating. Maybe a piece of food now, then another one later, and maybe we'll leave a little trail of dogfood on the floor so we can find our way back to the bowl later. It makes me crazy!

  5. fghjkbgfhmhn b ----> That was Ro typing

    ≥ß -> That too. I wonder how he got the special chars!

    Anyway - Vespa is sooo pretty & such a long nose!! And this is the precise way we got Pixel to stop fussing & start eating.



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