Monday, April 13, 2009

MeezerManx's Not Amused Cats

MeezerManx strikes again, this time with the International Cat Hat: USA. Methinks Abbey and Lucy look more pissed than Greaseball!


  1. Mmmmmhhhhhhhhaaaa gaaaaaaghahahahaaaa
    (that's me laughing Dr. Pepper out my nose)

  2. Wow, that guy in the top picture looks like he could just spit. Maybe this particular hat is just not his style? Le-mieux might be more up his alley?

  3. OMG I can not stop laughing at these!!!!
    How on earth do you get one on a cat let alone get the furry beast to keep it on long enough for a photo???
    I have 2 cats who I would have to chase (or seriously drug) before attempting such a feat!
    Thanks for the evening giggles:)

  4. These are death glares extraordinaire. I fully expect to one day read about how the knitting equipment was mysteriously sabotaged....



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