Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hope Realized

My 100% whole wheat bread, made from flour I ground last night, is a grainy thing of beauty. If I wasn't in a hurry (the boy is trying to teach Mingus to eat whipped cream from a spray can, and this isn't a habit I'd like that dog to develop), I'd write you a little poem to convey just how chewy and flavorful this bread is. It rates right up there with my pain au levains, which is a huge feat since I love that bread fiercely.

I named this loaf Peter, in honor of Peter Reinhart. I would have never of thought to make this bread in such an unconventional manner. Sure, I tweaked his hearth bread recipe a bit, the biggest change being using my whole wheat starter instead of a biga, but the results are all due to Reinhart's instructions and research on what makes a good whole wheat loaf. After Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor returns to the library, I am going to buy a copy for myself. In fact, I'll order it now so there won't be a time that this book is not in my possession.

Take a look at the crumb structure! Tears are coming to my eyes... I have been after this type of crumb in a whole wheat bread for a long time!


  1. omg, can you say DELICIOUS?! BEAUTIFUL?! :o)
    and HOLEY CRAP-- That sounds like a HORRIBLE habit for Mingus to acquire!
    (and also something my guy would try to do w/Fanny).

  2. Beautiful! It looks like La Boulangerie, which is only my favorite bread in the world, (in Fresno). :))

  3. That bread looks delicious! You do make the bestest bread.

  4. I've never been able to produce a good 100% whole grain bread. I love the taste, but it's always been heavy and crumbly. I need to check out this book - when I get back to the States next spring. You've given me great inspiration!



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