Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cats love chicken pox

When someone gets the chicken pox, he lays in bed all day. Fifty
thinks this fantastic!


  1. OH NO! Not the pox! Hmph, just like a cat - take advantage of a warm body.

    That new cat we have? The one that my sister gave us? She went from sleeping in the laundry basket or under the bed to sleeping on my face! Is this to be expected? To be treated like royalty? (do I throw her off the bed? Heck no. Secretly, I kind of like it).

    Hope he gets well soon!

  2. The boy has chick pox? Nasty stuff!! Hope he gets well soon. Good job, Fifty, for being a head-warmer.

  3. Yes, Rani, this is typical cat behavior. I have to fight for my pillow now.

    The boy has had chicken pox since last week. He's much better than he was, but he still has a ways to go. Poor boy has been working from home, which can't be helping the recovery process.



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