Sunday, December 13, 2009

Knitted Beverage Cozy

I spied these knitted cozies at Starbucks. I still maintain that
knitted cozies are tacky, although I do like the green and maroon
color combo.


  1. Have you seen the leather ones that Ana Poe offers at Paco Collars? I am not sure quite how I feel about those, but I do think they're kind of pretty.

  2. I think knitted cozies are great...stash busters and great to give to someone else. I don't really want any. I guess someone does - there are cozies for everything, from cell phones and coffee cups to apples. An apple cozy...hmmm. I like to eat my apples, so they don't really need to stay warm. Interesting little things, but they're just not for me. Kind of like wrist warmers. If my wrists are cold, my hands probably are too. I'll reach for the gloves instead of a pair of wrist warmers.

  3. ditto. I think edible gifts are much preferred to cozy-anything. :)

  4. Kryptonite lock cozy is the best one I have seen yet. Maybe it stops unseemly rattling when it it thrown in a bike basket? Who knows. I may learn to knit so I can make one.



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