Monday, February 22, 2010


This is an unusual scene. Usually, Greaseball would have the window all to himself. He doesn't share, but perhaps he's allowing Mingus to rest here because he knows that this is the last of the sunshine for the next week.

Or, perhaps, Greaseball is stoned off his gourd from his secret stash of catnip. Yeah, that must be it.


  1. greaseball, that is so nice of you, even if you are stoned off your gourd! it's better stoned than not!
    :o) love those furballs...
    and I hope the sun at least makes a small appearance on the weekend! (fingers crossed)

  2. oh, those moments of dog/cat sibling love and tenderness. Leo (dog) made Lydia (cat) pee on my clean laundry. Not so loving, if you ask me.

    Love the pictures. They say so much.



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