Monday, February 15, 2010

Hoot Hoot!

I finally finished my Owl Cardigan, and it is as cozy as I hoped it would be! I used the owl cable pattern from Kate Davies Owls pattern, and the sweater was a modified Tangled Yoke Cardigan. This time, I used RYC Cashsoft Aran. Since this is the second time I knit this pattern, I shortened the arm length and took the arm circumference in by about an inch for a better fit.

These owls are so stinking cute. I opted to not add the button eyes since 1) I dislike sewing buttons (I did mention how this sat around forever just because of those 11 buttons I had to sew for the ribbed band), and 2) it makes the sweater busy.

I found these sweet wooden buttons at Discount Fabrics in Berkeley. They were just the right size and only had 2 holes (less sewing).

The ribbing along the sides reminded me of tree roots. Very fitting for an owl sweater.

Yoked sweaters seem to fit me the best around my arms and shoulders. The only thing I don't like about yoked sweaters is that I have to make them bottom up instead of top down. I know there are top down yoke sweater patterns out there, so if anyone has one that they've used with success, please let me know.

Now, what sweater should I knit next? I have some gorgeous jade green baby alpaca/wool yarn that is calling to me. I think I'll do a pullover since I want to knit in the round. Perhaps Rusted Root? I really dig the poofy sleeves. Or maybe I can riff off of something in Custom Knits.


  1. My gosh, it's beautiful!! I agree - the buttons are not only too busy, but I think they make the owls too cutesy. I like the more subtle look of the cabled owls - you don't see them at first. It fits you like a glove.

    My CPH is still in a ball in my closet. The sleeves are, I think, a good 5 inches too long and my heart is just not ready to tackle that.

  2. ps. beautiful pictures, too. Gotta go - watching pairs ice skating. . .

  3. Love owly! For your next project I think Rusted Root is very "you" and very pretty. I also like "Flair" from Custom knits. It has the nice cropped jacket look. I might make it a tad bit more fitted to feel more like a cropped jacket and less swingy.

  4. Beautiful! You are so talented Stacy. It is a joy seeing your art and heartwork, (hardwork with heart). ;-)



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