Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Mingus does at the beach

All this digging despite a scooter pull around the coast. He's softly
snoring now.


  1. OMG... that is Amazing. he's like the Incredible Hulk of doggies...

  2. Does Mingus like the water or does he just like the sand?

    More details on the scooter pull, please. I'm curious.

  3. WHERE ARE YOU!?? Everyone is on vacation. Ok. Not everyone. You and one other friend. BUT STILL.

    What a darling boy. He could help me in my garden. I could use a good digger. My old lab would do that, but this "new" guy is only interested in dead smelly things.

    ps a happy dog is a tired dog

  4. We just got back from Pismo. I suppose Mingus could help you in your garden if you don't mind where (and what) he digs...



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