Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cypress Sweater (aka Somewhat Cowl)

Wendy Bernard is a sweater designer genius. I love all of her patterns because they are so wearable and timeless. This sweater, The Somewhat Cowl, is a little retro, but still fashionable enough to wear right now. For my detailed notes, you can check out my page on Ravelry.

I'm sad that the yarn I used for this project, The Fibre Company Khorma DK, is discontinued. However, if it wasn't being discontinued and therefore on super sale, I would have never bought it in the first place. Khorma's original price of $15/skein is a little rich for my blood, and I used 5 skeins (800 yards) for this project.

Don't mind Mingus. He can't keep away from the camera. Silly, camera hogging dog.


  1. oh my goodness that sweater turned out SO CUTE! and the color looks GREAT on you! :o)
    oh mingus, you are such an attention hog... we love you anyway. :o) Happy Easter!

  2. The sweater looks gorgeous!

    So does the dog. :)

  3. And my favorite color! I'm off to ravelry to put this in my favs. It looks fantastic on you!



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