Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Dog

A little picture from our evening walk. During the Christmas season, I love our night walks even more. Trees and ornaments don't really float my boat, but lights! I love sparkly lights!

This year, it seems like less people are decking out their houses.  My most favorite decorated house last year had seven (!!) Santas, the type that are blown up like parade floats, hanging around their house. One was on their front deck, two snow globe Santas were on their lawn, and there were a few more all lit up in all their kitschy glory. Oh, it was always great fun to walk by that house! This year, the house is completely dark. No lights, just a wreath on their front door. Because I'm fascinated with hoarders, the first thought that crossed my mind was that they are reformed hoarders (I once saw the inside of their solidly packed garage) and that step one of their new lifestyle as non-hoarders was to tone down the Christmas decorations.

As for us, we just have lights this year. A Christmas tree proved to be a nightmare since the cats wanted to munch on the needles and Mingus thought we brought a port a potty inside the house. Ick. I won't be able to have another tree until I can get over that trauma.


  1. very cool picture--excellent profile of the cutiepie. :)

    and OMG. i didn't know about the xmas tree fiasco that has traumatized you?! what year was this?!!!

    and that is a very very interesting theory about your hoarder/xmas-toned-down-neighbors. i still can't watch that show bc if i did, i'd have this OCD-like PANIC ATTACK to THROW ALL THE THINGS OUT OF THE HOUSE! ;)

  2. I'd forgotten that Mingus peed on the Xmas tree! Fun times I tell you! (Luckily Davis has never done that! Oh that would be BAD!)

  3. Mingus peed on the tree? How did I miss this story?

    I'm also not a fan of trees/ornaments and LOVE lights! I have lights this year and one of my neighbors does, too. (Last year I was the only one.)

    Last Saturday night I took the dogs out driving to look at the pretty sparkly lights. Well, they slept in the backseat and I looked at the lights. :)

  4. I love the photo of the dog in front of the tree! So beautiful! lol lol, Mingus peed on the far, Porter has not done so (fingers crossed); Mr. P. has not peed. on the tree. omg.

    I have not put a tree up in my own house this year. At work, the guys put up a tree in the living room, but that was enough drama to drain the Christmas spirit right out of me, so my own house is still just the workshop and toy factory.



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