Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Bits

Over the past weekend, I was on my own without a plan in sight, so what did I do? I organized my yarn stash and wound all the sock yarn scraps into balls. Then I laid them out on the table and tried to get them to tell me what they wanted to be, but so far no luck. The colorways are all so different and not at all complimentary to each other. But, I do enjoy looking at them and remembering the projects I made with each one.

That was Random Item #1, which is probably not so random for a crafty blog. Random Item #2 is that I've been watching and watching and watching a pair of French twins, Les Twins, dance on YouTube. (I told you, random!) I'm fascinated by them, and by new style hip hop in general. Perhaps this is a case of being attracted to something that would be impossible for me to do, like being the center in a professional basketball team. YAKfilms has a variety of hip hop dance videos that are oddly compelling.

In on topic news, people have actually been making and buying my Tilden Park Scarf! I don't know at what point I'll feel comfortable calling myself a designer, but this does make me feel one step closer. It's been such a fun process! Many thanks to Rani for being my first customer! That was so cool!


  1. I have a potential use for those small quantities of sock yarn (especially if any of it is Koigu). It's the very lovely chevron scarf from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". I've got the pattern, if you want to check it out...

  2. left over yarn.......this season i have made miniature sweaters to be used as tree ornaments....i have even sold a few......they are fun, quick, and no 2 are the same.....chris in madison

  3. Oh, tiny funny knits would be cool. Or spin two together to make a thicker yarn and . . . um. . . that's as far as I got.

    The dancers are very unusual. Tell that one guy he needs to pull up his pants in back wink wink.

  4. I found your site by the boyfriend hat...I'm making a mini one as well for my little boy.

  5. ok that video is freaking awesome.
    i'm going to watch the entire thing after i turn off the stereo in the living room...



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