Monday, February 7, 2011

Gimpy Dogs and Java Curry

So, Vespa had a mini-me lump growing on her side. I noticed it a couple of years ago, and our vet said since it was a slow growing lump that wasn't attached to her muscles, that we could safely leave it if it didn't seem to bother her. Earlier this week, it was obvious that it was bothering her since she had taken an interest into chewing it, and since no good can come of a dog chewing a lump on her side, off to the vet she went. The lump was safely removed and we had confirmation that it was a benign cyst that needed no further examination. Whew!

Now, the hard part: 14 days of no jumping or running and only leashed walks as exercise. This means that there is no wrestling with Mingus and no chasing the squirrels who taunt her so in our backyard. Oh boy... I don't know if it is going to be harder for her or for me.

On top of Vespa's surgery, it was a busy week that was in need of some comfort food.

The boy hates this stuff, and he can't understand why I find a processed curry sauce comforting when I recoil at most boxed foods. The answer? I don't know, but Japanese curry roux is delicious and I'm not going to question it. I find Java Curry especially spicy and tasty, and it's even better if you marinate your chicken overnight with a little rice wine, garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Oh, and if you have some fat, juicy carrots from Full Belly Farms, your curry will be even better.

The boy asked if Japanese curry was the equivalent to "poor white trash" food, and I told him no because there is a bit of prep work to do that involves real chicken and vegetables. However, maybe he does have a point in that I'm prejudiced about my convenience foods, and that really there is no difference. Whatever. More curry for me.


  1. Oh man, now I want curry. Time to see if the asian grocery down the street carries this.

  2. Aw, tell Vespa we say get well soon!

  3. aw, Vespa!! the cone of shame!! but i'm really glad it's just a benign cyst. be a good girl and do not jump, no matter what mingus does to taunt you!
    and omg that curry stuff is awesome. and definitely comfort food in my house growing up. :) my mom made it for us when they visited last summer. that plus some cucumber kimchee? heaven!! :)

  4. Oh, Vespa. I'm glad the lump was benign. Stay quiet and heal quickly!

  5. My mom gave me some box curry, and it was fab! It does feel a little too pre-fab, though.

  6. Well, then let me share with you that I actually have a plastic jar of powdered gravy - YES, gravy and I'll tell you another thing. No one complains when every so often, I sneak it into a nice pot pie or a nice beefy stew.

    Give poor baby Mingus smooches and love from Minnesota. Oh my big poochy poo (I'm talking baby talk to his photo).



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