Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Heart Pom Poms and The Devil Cat

Cross country ski season is here, and with it comes a new ski hat. May I present to you I Heart Pom Poms by Karen Borrel. I have somehow managed to give away all of my previous ski hats, and this yarn, the butter soft (and superwash!) Malabrigo Rios in Azul Profundo is leftover from my cardigan design. I have one more skein left, and I hope to transform it into a matching cowl or scarf.

Even though I wouldn't describe myself as a lover of pom poms, I knew I had to make this hat when I saw my friend's FO. The nifty part of this design is that it can be transformed quickly into a cowl, although I don't see myself ever wearing it like that since having two pom poms around my neck would make me look like I have goiter. 

I made some minor modifications to this hat:
  • CO 88 stitches instead of 92 - I think I could have reduced the number of stitches by 4 more for an even better fit
  • 1x1 ribbing with size 6 needles both at the bottom and top of hat
  • Body of hat with size 8 needles
  • Stitch markers for eyelets every 22 sts
  • 10 purl ridge repeats instead of 9 for more slouch
 All this skiing means that my cousin is watching the house and, more importantly, the beasts. Greaseball lived up to his beastly reputation and woke my poor cousin up when he thought it was an appropriate time for breakfast. Let me assure you that it was not an appropriate time for breakfast. It never is when that devil cat wakes me up.

You can find more of his work at http://hyperdoodle.blogspot.com.


  1. I love the hat. I'm going to have to add that to the good old queue.

    Funny cartoon. What a great way to communicate what's going on in the middle of the night while you're away. heh heh.

  2. Hello. I haven't checked in for so long, blogging totally got away from me after we moved but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.

    Great hat. I'm loving wearing hats lately which would make my mom proud and probably surprised since I fought them until I was well into my 20's. And it's nice you can wear cute hats X county skiing, I hate the regular ski helmets but had a big hit a few yrs back so would never go without. Have you been to the yarn shop in Truckee? It's very nice and much better than the one in our town. Really just don't care for the owner and daughter at ours and they still stock too much of the older novelty yarns. I spent over 2 hours 'browsing' the shop in Truckee, could have stayed all day! Kids are already asking when we can go back again, I told them not til I'm done with the laundry from this trip;)



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