Friday, April 1, 2011

Bakesale for Japan is Saturday 4/2

Bakesale for Japan is this Saturday 4/2! If you happen to see frosted sour cream cookies for sale at the Berkeley or Oakland locations, they may just be mine. Buy them! They're really good! The sour cream makes them really moist - they're almost like a mini cakes instead of cookies.

Since the bakers were asked to write out the ingredients, I was really tempted to write on the labels "these cookies were baked in a facility that processes kimchi", but I am the only one who would consider that a selling point.

The boy and I frosted them, and unfortunately our frosting skills are not as perfect as my mom's, so if anyone asks, I'll tell them my 6-year-old helped. It's not a flat out lie, since the boy does have the number "six" in his age.

So, if there's a Bakesale for Japan in your area, go get yourself some goodies for a good cause. Last year, a similar bakesale for Haiti raised $23,000, so let's quadruple that on Saturday!


  1. Mmmm. Those look so delicious. Good luck! I hope you blow that goal right out of the ballpark. I just used a sports analogy. huh.

    If I lived out there, I'd have run down first thing this morning and picked up enough sour frosted cookies for my family's breakfast.

  2. LOL!!! Kimchi processing facility!! hilarious!! :) oh can you pm me that recipe? those cookies look fabulous!!
    i hope it raised a ton of money.



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