Friday, April 8, 2011

Cats and Sweaters

So far as I can tell, my cats have no love for sweaters.

Luckily (for my cats), these sweaters are not for them. They are for their teeny, tiny dog counterparts who live with my brother.

Fierce Fifty is gunning for the title of America's Next Top Cat Model. Look at the intensity in her eyes!

Greaseball is just resigned. He doesn't really mind one way or the other about the sweater.

The other animals did come over to check out his new duds, though. They are always intensely interested in photo shoots. Plus, they like to get tips from Greaseball since he is the breakaway star of the cat modeling world, thanks to his dapper beret.

These sweaters were knit yet more Elann Sonata leftover from the Curve of Pursuit blanket. I'm down to the last ball of the stuff, and I'll be so happy to be rid of it! Nice yarn, good price, but way too much of it.

These sweaters were knit as top down raglans while sitting in a Jeep on an 8 hour drive to Arizona. I finished everything but the sleeves, so they sat in my WIP pile.  And I know I have project notes somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced one of my design notebooks. Doh!

I really hope they fit the dogs better than they fit the cats... Pictorial evidence hopefully provided in the near future.


  1. Your cats are very patient. I don't think I could get a sweater on Mookie. She'd kill me.

    1. Yeah my cats wouldn't allow me to put sweaters on them either. ^>.<^

  2. I wish you could find the pattern for the blue cat coat it is absolutely beautiful and I would love to knit it! Annette



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