Monday, August 15, 2011

Sock Summit Fertility

Since I've returned from SS2011, I've been sleeping with my knitting needles. Although I do not recommend doing this for the obvious health hazards to you and anyone else unfortunate enough to share your sleeping space, it does wonders for your FOs. In addition to the two baby hats that Vespa and Mingus so graciously modeled, I've almost finished 3 baby cardigans, and I've joined the Mystery Sock KAL hosted by Jen at Knitting Like Crazy. The picture above is from Clue #1. Clue #2's results are below. Like what you see? It's not too late to join!

Isn't that just the prettiest heel flap? I'm loving my Socks that Rock in Brick - STR is so wonderfully twisty and springy! I've only had the privilege of knitting with it once, and I turned that skein into a scarf, so I'm excited to try some STR on my feet. I've also busted out my 9" circular Hiya Hiya needles, and I'm finding that they are a joy to work with now that I knit lever style. There's no fussing and dropping any of the 5 DPNs or two circular needles. It's just around and around I go, until the heel flap, of course.

World's Smallest Tomato Harvest
Cooking has been a priority again this week. Last week was a bust due to many social gatherings that involved restaurants, but I am now back on track. Since zucchini is dirt cheap and ground lamb was on sale, I made some Mediterranean zucchini boats. I seasoned the lamb with loads of coriander, cumin, cinnamon, dried apricots, fresh English peas (odd addition, but they needed to be used up), and preserved lemons.

Scooped, salted, and ready for filling
Overstuffed with the lamb mixture

Ready for my belly
This week's food experiment is hand-pulled noodles. My attempt last night morphed into homemade ramen noodles, which wasn't a bad thing, but not quite what I wanted to eat. I now have the correct types of wheat flour, so off I go to try it again. This is one time where my stand mixer is a must.


  1. Hungry! And your tomatoes are beautiful, though tiny and few.

    I've been sleeping with my knitting near me, too. I just don't want to have them too close; if I roll over and break my Lantern Moon ebony size 1 dpns, I'd cry. (I know, they're guaranteed, but still...)

  2. Michelle, I should really do what you do and keep my knitting near me, but not too close. My size 1s are Signature Needle Arts DPNs with the stiletto tip. That could really hurt...

  3. That is a beautiful heel flap! If the noodles work out, maybe there could be a pastalong? I know I'm like three years behind but I've been doing the breadalong for a few carb-filled weeks and the husbeast and I love it!



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