Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knit Bomb

I love how common knit bombing is nowadays! Three stop signs by my house have been bombed, and I come across random bombings everywhere I walk. 

Beer update: the chestnut brown ale was delicious, and no one had a hideous hangover from our homebrew. Currently fermenting is an Irish black stout similar to Guinness! 

We are going to attempt growing hops this year. Those packets of hops are spendy, and I have read that hops are easy to grow in our climate. Has anyone ever grown hops? I'd love some pointers.

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  1. Cute light post!

    I read about hops a few years ago when a beer-making friend of mine was thinking of growing some. They sound super easy, just a bit evasive and very tall. Hope you grow some, they are stunning.

    We finally, thanks to my hubby spending some serious time with the saw, have the ground out back completely cleared out for grape vines for wine. Sadly we won't get a proper harvest for 3-4 years. Hops give you a good batch from the first year if I remember right.

    Good luck. Can't wait to see what you do!



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