Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Heart Pattern

The Tilden Park Scarf is an easy ruffled and ruched infinity scarf that adds a feminine touch to any outfit.

My sock yarn scrap stash is multiplying! Two balls of leftover skeins have somehow learned the birds and the bees, and now I'm left with a bunch of odds and ends that need a new purpose. Since Valentine's Day is approaching, the red sock yarn called out to me, and after a few tries I ended up with these sweet baby hearts. My hearts are around the size of a nickel, and each one took roughly 5 minutes to crochet. Instant gratification at its finest!

I like to make these hearts into tags that can be tied to anything (and anyone).

• 2 feet of fingering weight yarn

• Size B/2.25 mm crochet hook
• Tapestry needle

ch chain

dc double crochet stitch
hdc half double crochet stitch 
sl st slip stitch

  1. Ch 4. Sl st into first chain to form a ring.
  2. Ch 3. Into the ring, dc 4 times, hdc 3 times, dc 1 time. This forms half of your heart.
  3. Still crocheting into the ring, hdc 3 times, dc 4 times.
  4. Ch 3. Sl st into the first chain from step 1.
  5. Weave in ends.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


    1. Wheeeeeee!!!! and a Whooop whooop! More things for me to crochet! (I'm doing the 'roger rabbit' dance). I'm off to find my red yarn start crocheting. Thanks for the pattern, too.

    2. Rani, I hope you make some! They are seriously addicting.

    3. Just started 10 minutes ago and have three made. I'm lovin' these little buggers.

    4. oh my! they're adorable!! And with an appropriately sized hook you could make them with any red yarn. I know what I'm doing tomorrow!!

    5. Rani, let the baby heart craze begin! 3 in 10 minutes is fast!
      Nikki, thanks! I made a bunch of super tiny ones using a size 2 steel crochet hook and some crochet thread. I did have to adjust the number of double crochet stitches to 6 to fill the hearts out more on the sides.



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